Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Montgomery Flatts and I’m a professional tech guy, although I consider myself to be more of a renaissance man. I’ve always loved writing and I recently felt the need to start writing more. At first I considered keeping a journal, but I wanted to write for an audience and I wanted to impart to others my vast wealth of knowledge about the world. I have a lot to say on the matters of technology, philosophy, art, and everything else.

These considerations left me with no choice: I had to start a “blog”. Having some downtime lately, I decided to begin learning web development with the goal of building my blog the high-tech way1. If you’re reading this, it means I’ve succeeded.

A visual representation of Monty's blog A visual representation of Monty’s blog.

Methinks that one of the big advantages that blogging has over journaling is how embarrassing it is to get stuff wrong publicly. This forces the author to carefully scrutinize his ideas as he writes them and encourages him to research his topic beforehand. In a private journal, on the other hand, you can write whatever garbage you want and get away with it scotch-free2.

The most common and unfortunate aspect of blogs made by technical persons is that they exist mainly to promote the authors themselves and to increase their employability. It is understandable since the software job market, in particular, is damn competitive, but I won’t stoop to that level. You won’t find any self-aggrandizing here.

Anyway, welcome to the grand opening of what will one day be known as the greatest blog in history. Let’s get on with it!


  1. I wanted full control over my blog and not to pay for a service such as Weebly – which is easy to use, but slow and not configurable. Doing this from scratch turned out to be a cinch, since blogs are just static sites and don’t need any server-side processing. I ended up using Jekyll to generate the blog, NameCheap for the domain, Amazon S3 to store and serve the site contents, and Amazon WorkMail for email. You can find the source here

  2. Of course, most bloggers still write a ton of garbage. But I will hold myself to a higher standard.