Recently I found a great Android game called Caterpillar Logic. It’s a simple puzzle game based on the scientific method. It is highly engaging for how simple it is, and it’s one of the games I’ve been using to teach my girlfriend to think logically1.

Caterpillar Logic Caterpillar Logic

One interesting aspect of Caterpillar Logic is that sometimes I was able to recognize the pattern and pass the test, but couldn’t formulate a hypothesis in words. I looked for solutions online and there weren’t any, so I’ve provided mine on GitHub here. I used GitHub because others can propose changes to the solutions or add new ones if the game were to get an update.

Caterpillar Logic is completely free and doesn’t display ads. I highly recommend it.


  1. I recently downloaded about 30 recommended apps from the Play store, most of them puzzle games, many of which were surprisingly good. I’ll review some of them in a later blog post.